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Repossession is now becoming a reality for many people who in brighter economic times were financially secure. The recession has produced a wave of repossessions caused by job losses and a slump in the housing market and many people have suddenly found themselves unable to cope with mortgage and loan payments they could once afford. Under certain circumstances you can stop repossession by entering into a Sell & Rent Back scheme with a regulated investment company who will help stop your home being repossessed.

Repossession is usually a last resort that lenders will take to recover money owed to them and so if you are having trouble keeping up payments, the first thing you should do is contact your lender, explain your situation and try to work out a payment plan that you can afford. At the end of the day lenders would usually rather get their money back over a longer period of time than having to go to all the trouble of repossessing your property. Also repossession can be very expensive for lenders, they will usually only sell your home for about 50% of its value at auction and will want to recover the rest from you.

That said, if you are facing repossession and you have tried everything else then sell and rent back may be a good option for you to take. Not only does the sale of your property mean it can no longer be repossessed, but depending on your situation and how much you have invested in your house it may also give you enough to pay off your debts while still allowing you to remain in your home.

The first requirement for you to enter into any Sell and Rent Back scheme to stop repossession is that you have a mortgage balance of less than 80% of the value of your home. Regulated investors will only pay up to a maximum of 80% in current market conditions as they generally believe prices will, in the short term, go down still further.

If you are facing repossession and would like to find out if a Sell and Rent Back scheme could help you please click the link below and fill out an enquiry form or email us at for impartial advice on whether you can stop your house being repossessed using a Sell and Rent Back scheme.

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