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There is currently a great deal of interest from homeowners who want more information on Sell and Rent Back schemes, people want to know all about Sell and Rent Back, what it is, how it works and who it's suitable for. We have drawn up answers to the following common questions.

  • What are Sell and Rent Back Schemes?

  • Sell and Rent Back is a fast growing Industry where you sell your home to a Property Investor but instead of moving on you stay in your home as a tenant renting it back from the Investor who purchased it from you.

  • What are the main Advantages of a Sell & Rent Back Schemes?

  • Sell and Rent Back schemes can be a way of either raising capital or avoiding repossession and staying in your home. You may need to unlock your capital from your home to clear any debts you may have or to fund a better retirement. Sell and Rent Back schemes can also be a way of funding your retirement without having to sell your home.

  • What are the main Disadvantages of Sell and Rent Back schemes?

  • First and foremost is the fact that most Investors who offer sell and Rent Back will usually only offer you up to 80% of the value of your property. This is because most Investors take the prudent view that property prices will fall still further.

    At the end of your sell and rent back scheme, unless agreed otherwise, you may be required to leave. Always take legal advice before entering into a Sell and Rent Back agreement and if you want to rent back long term make sure you have a written contract guaranteeing your right to stay. You should also agree a fair market rent in writing.

  • What Legal Protection do I have?

  • Always use an FSA regulated company and take professional legal and financial advice before entering into any Sell and Rent Back scheme. Always have a Solicitor to represent your interests and oversee all of the paperwork. If you want to guarantee your long term residency make sure you get an agreement in writing which is approved by your Solicitor.

  • How much does a Sell and Rent Back Scheme cost?

  • Sell and Rent Back schemes should not cost you any up front money whatsoever. A reputable investor will usually pay for the cost of a valuation and any legal fees. The investors will eventually make a return by either selling the property or by charging you what ought to be a fair market rent.

  • How quickly can I Sell my House and Rent it Back?

  • Most Investors are cash buyers actively looking for property investments and Sell and Rent Back opportunities, they can often act very quickly and purchase within one month.

  • I am very close to being Repossessed can I still Sell & Rent back and stay at home?

  • You can sometimes avoid repossession if you reach an agreement to sell and rent back with an investor. Even if time is short an Investor may pay cash and aim to complete as quickly as possible. Alternatively the Investor may apply to the court to stop your repossession order to give you time to complete your sale. An investor can usually only help in cases where there is a minimum of about twenty percent equity in the property. If you are facing repossession make sure you get independent legal advice before entering into any agreement.

  • Where is the best place to find Sell and Rent Back Schemes?

  • The fastest way to compare Sell and Rent Back schemes is to complete our no obligation online form here.