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Property Fund Prospectus
Here are some of our most commonly asked questions about Sell and Rent Back Property Fund.

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  • What is a Sell & Rent Back Property Fund?

  • A Sell & Rent Back Property Fund is a collection of properties purchased by the fund managers at a minimum 25% discount off the universally accepted RIC’S Valuation. This purchasing discount shields the fund from any short term price drops.

  • What is a RICS Valuation?

  • RICS stands for The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. A RICS survey is the accepted standard for valuing UK property and is widely used by Banks & other Lending Institutions upon which to base their lending criteria. A RICS survey is generally cautious and is often set at circa 10% below an Estate Agents initial market valuation.

  • How much can I invest?

  • Shares are valued at £1000 each. The minimum investment is 20 shares at £20,000 with a maximum Investment of £50,000 per fund.

  • What are the potential returns?

  • The fund is targeted for a 100% growth rate over a 5 year period. The fund will be sold on the 6th year crystallising the profit.

  • What’s the risk?

  • As with all investments property can go down as well as up, however the main key driver of the fund is to only purchase property at 25% below market value thus shielding the capital with added equity from day one. This concept of buying below market value locks profit into the fund straight away.

  • Who runs the fund?

  • The fund is a joint venture with Positive Marketing International Ltd, the parent company of and DFB Asset Mgmt (The only company regulated and authorised by the FSA to operate a Sell & Rent Back Fund). The fund is marketed by who are Regulated by the FSA to undertake Sell & Rent Back business. This is a ground floor opportunity with limited entry into a newly regulated Industry.

  • What protection do I have under law?

  • The fund is regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) and operated with strict compliance to their guidelines. The fund is run under the jurisdiction of the courts and laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

  • Is it an Ethical Investment?

  • The Sell and Rent Back Property Fund is a totally ethical Investment. Your investment will directly save homeowners from the costs losses and stigma associated with repossession whilst giving them and their families the security of knowing they can stay in their homes for 5 years.

  • When will I receive my profits?

  • The fund will be run for 5 years and on the 6th year it will be sold and profits will be distributed.

  • Why should i invest in a SRB fund?

  • Its a ground floor opportunity in a new emerging industry. Your investment will buy quality family homes at 25% below the market value. Its a traditional solid bricks and mortar investment but benefits from being a hands off investment. Potential returns are targeted at 100%.

  • Why should I invest in your SRB fund?

  • The Sell Rent Back Industry has, from July 2010, been fully regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority. Currently this is the only UK Sell & Rent Back fund fully authorised by the FSA. Its a ground floor monopolistic opportunity. The Fund Manager is one of the UK’s leading authorities on Sell & Rent Back with a fantastic track record of success.

  • Why can’t I just Buy my own SRB investment?

  • From July 2010, to protect consumers, it is an offence to transact any kind of Sell & Rent Back activity without going through stringent FSA regulation. There are currently only a handful of companies ( amongst them) who have reached the high standards necessary to be regulated. Regulation is has been set in place by the FSA in an effort to protect consumers and this is totally supported by