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Compare Property Buyers is a leading source of below market value property. Every day we generate hundreds of enquiries and review dozens of properties all across the country presenting the best ones to our panel of Investors.

All of our properties are offered at well below market value. We work closely with our Investors to insure a smooth hassle free transaction.

We provide you with the four key things you need to successfully buy property at below market value: Property Sourcing, Accurate Valuations, Finance & Specialist Legal Help.

How it Works

  1. You submit a request on this site to become an investor.

  2. One of our team calls you to discuss your needs in more detail.

  3. Once accepted you can view any property which interests you.

  4. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase a property, or costs or fees to view them.

  5. If you like a particular property we can help to arrange a recognised RICS Valuation.

  6. If the valuation is acceptable you can, if you wish, make a firm offer.

  7. If you haven't got funds in place we can introduce you to mortgages brokers who can quickly and smoothly finance below market value property.

  8. We can recommend Solicitors specialising in Below Market Value property. Its vital to have an experienced BMV solicitor for this role.

  9. Post completion we can advise you on a suitable letting strategy.

  10. We only charge you a fee based on a successful transaction. If you decide not to buy a particular property you owe us nothing.

How do I know you are offering me a Genuinely Cheap Property?

To answer this question it is important to understand the terminology used in the industry.

Market Value is the price the property would be put on the market for by an Estate Agent. The RICS Valuation is the price set by an Independent RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyers) valuer after a survey and is usually considerably lower than the market price.

The RICS Valuation is also the price a Bank or Building Society would base any lending decisions on. A RICS Valuation is the genuine UK standard measure of a properties value.

As all our properties are on average 20% below a RICS Valuation you can be very sure you are getting a genuinely cheap property.

Please see the following example:

Market Price £120,000
RICS Valuation £100,000
Average Discount £20,000 (20% of valuation)
Investors Purchase Price £80,000
Mortgage £80,000 (80%)
Mortgage Payment £293 (4.4%)
Rental £525
Monthly Positive Cash flow £232
Instant Equity £20,000
Costs Circa £5,000 (Valuations and legal fees etc.)
Instant Profit £15,000

Full Free Details

Our Usual Buyers
Our buyers are usually successful Professionals or business people who wish to invest for their long term future. They are looking for a safe stable investment that will yield a monthly profit. Many of our buyers are first time Landlords, others are looking to increase their portfolio.
Our Usual Sellers
Our Sellers come from all walks of life and are motivated to sell their property quickly usually due to financial difficulties. They have generally worked hard over the years and watched their equity grow and are prepared to forego some of their gains in return for a fast sale.
We make the process simple for both sides!

What We Do
  • Offer a Full Investment Solution
  • Source Genuinely Cheap Property
  • Agree a Provisional Sales Price
  • Help with Valuations, Finance and a Specialist Below Market Value solicitor

What You Get
  • Property in your area at below market value
  • Instant Equity through Buying Cheaply
  • Monthly rental income
  • No Upfront Costs or Fees whatsoever
  • An investment that will in the short term give you a net profit every month and in the long term grow in value

What You Need
  • Generally you will need about 5% of the Property price, this will cover your buying costs
  • Reasonable but not necessarily perfect credit rating to give you access to the best finance deals

What We Don't Do
  • We only source genuinely cheap property
  • We never try to sell you a subscription to any kind of newsletter or miracle seminar
  • We don't sell your details to other companies
  • We don't sell new developments at artificially inflated prices, all our properties are resale homes from genuinely motivated people who need to sell fast