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If you are emigrating and moving abroad either a Sell and Rent Back deal or straightforward Fast Home Sale could be right for you. You can choose to sell your property now and rent it back until you are ready to move - a popular way of funding deposits for "off plan" property purchases abroad.

Or if your timescales are in the near future our Fast Property Sale maybe the better option.

One of the main sticking points to leaving the country is having to sell your house first. Trying to sell your property through an estate agent may take much more time than you had planned. With Sell and Rent Back not only do you get a quick sale of your property but you also have the advantage of being able to stay in your property until the time you actually move.

Alternatively, if you have a date for your emigration but are having trouble selling your house then we have investors that can offer you a Fast Property Sale. This can usually be done within 4 weeks from the time you contact us and although you will most likely get only around 80% of your properties market value, for those who cannot emigrate without first selling their property this is often a much better option than
waiting around for months for the house through an estate agents.

  • With prices predicted to fall further get the best price for your property now
  • Sorting out your affairs can help plan the timescales for your move
  • Stay in your UK home until your property abroad is completed


  • Sell today and get the best price for your property
  • You don’t have wait for the UK housing market to pick up
  • If you bought abroad off plan and need to complete the purchase
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