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A Fast Property Sale has both benefits and disadvantages. If you are considering entering into a fast property sale you need to consider the downside as well as the advantages.

Fast property sale benefits are very clear for people in certain situations. The most obvious and biggest advantage of a fast property sale is the speed of the sale giving you the ability get with your lives instead of waiting for the UK housing market to pick up.

Another advantage is the fact that the buyer will be responsible for ALL the transactions costs including the survey and legal fees.

The main disadvantage of a fast property sale is that you may not get as much for your property as you would on the open market. As property prices are in a general downward trend investors usually only offer up to 80% maximum of the surveyed value of a property.

As mentioned above however, this disadvantage can be outweighed by the benefit of a fast completion and also by considering how much further house prices will fall and how long you will have to wait for a sale.

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