If you are facing Imminent Repossession of your home
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Sell & Rent Back

A Sell & Rent Back Scheme can help you avoid repossession. You can sell your house and remain living there paying an affordable rent.

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Fast Property Sales

Avoid Repossession with a Fast Property sale. Most buyers make an offer within 48 hours & can often complete within 7 days or to suit you.

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Repossession is now a reality for many home owners who were previously financially secure but have now found themselves unable to manage mortgage & loans they could once afford. Under some circumstances you can avoid repossession by entering into a Financial Services Authority Regulated Sell & Rent Back scheme or with a reputable investment company who can stop repossession by buying your property fast.

Repossession is usually a last resort action that lenders will use to recover money owed so if you are having difficulty maintaining repayments the first thing to do is talk to your lender explaining your situation to try to work out a payment rate that you can afford. Most lenders usually prefer to recover their money over a longer period than having to go to the trouble of repossessing your home. Repossession can be very expensive for lenders, they usually only sell property for about 50% of its value at auction and will want to get the rest from you.

However, if you are trying to avoid repossession you should consider Sell and Rent Back or a Fast Property sale amongst your option. Not only does the sale of your house mean it wont be repossessed, but depending on your circumstances it may also give you enough money left over to pay off your debts and let you stay in your own home.

The main thing you need to enter into any Sell and Rent Back scheme to avoid repossession is that you have a mortgage of less than 80% of the value of your property. Reputable investors will only pay up to a maximum of 80% at the moment because they believe house prices will not rise significantly in the short and medium term.

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